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Developer: Mobjog

Grand Piano was developed for you to learn to play the piano on your mobile device, with realistic sounds.1. It has 88 keys.2. You can change the keys at any time using the smallest piano image that sits just above the keys.3. Sound control directly in the application, not needing to change the sound on your mobile device button.4. The black button with arrow pointing down indicates the speed of sound, and you can choose the type of rotation, just by a click on this button and select from the list the rotation that suits you.5. button with red circle, used to record sound. To record just press this button and start playing music on the piano.6. Red Square button is the button to stop recording. After we finished the music must press this button to stop recording.7. red triangle button, used to play the music you've recorded.Have fun with this great game.Send your questions or feedback on using this application to us. Our email: